Northwest Property Photography

Northwest Property Photography provides professional photography and video services to real estate agents, owners, investors, and property management companies throughout Western Oregon and Southwest Washington.  Our goal is to provide stunning images and video that showcase the full potential of a property.




Professional photography has become the minimum standard for real estate marketing.  Most real estate agents are not professional photographers and a listing with dark or blurry photos taken with a phone are often skipped over by potential buyers.  Showcase your listing in the best possible way with photos from Northwest Property Photography.



Video has become a popular way to showcase a property.  Video can showcase the “flow” of a home, provide a better layout perspective, and give the potential buyer a better sense of the actual space.  More and more people are using video to set their listings apart from the competition.  Video tours are not a video “slide-show” of still images in video form.  It is a standalone, full-motion video showcase using HD cameras and professional video production equipment.  Sample video tours can be seen on our YouTube page



Get a unique perspective from the sky!  While not every listing benefits from this service, aerial photography is great for high-end properties or larger pieces of land.  Aerial photos can help identify where property lines are, showcase unique features such a bodies of water, and gives a unique view of the land you just can’t get from the ground.  What was only available by plane or helicopter a few years ago is now available to everyone.




Photography - $150

Includes “unlimited” images (typically 30-35 images depending on property size) delivered as high resolution and MLS-sized.  Up to 3000 sqft.


Video Tour - $150

Full HD video tour delivered as .mp4 file.  Can also be delivered as a full-screen embeddable You-Tube link – perfect for pasting into MLS.  Up to 3000 sqft.


Aerial - $150

High resolution and MLS-sized photos from the air or a 2-3 minute video montage.


Photo + Video - $250

Combine photography with a video tour of a single listing and save $50.  Up to 3000 sqft.


Photo + Video + Aerial - $350

Combine photography, a video tour, and include aerial photos AND video and save $100.  Up to 3000 sqft.


Web page - $100

A website dedicated to your listing with a custom URL of your choosing.



Larger homes – Add $50 for homes between 3000 - 4000sqft and an additional $50 for homes between 4000 - 5000sqft.   For example:  Photography for a 3300sqft home would be $200 ($150 + $50) and a 4500 sqft home would be $250 ($150 + $50 + $50)


Cancellations – Contractors get delayed, problems happen with staging, and owners drag their feet.  In the world of real estate changes, problems, and delays arise.  We do our best to accommodate changes in schedule but reserve the right to charge a $50 fee if a shoot is canceled within 24 hours of the shoot time.


Industrial – Office spaces, warehouses, or other multi-use properties.  $200 for 15 images.  $10 for each additional image.


Property Management Services - Contact us to learn more about our services for property management companies.





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